Ordinary Bedroom Dresser?

Or Innovative Bathroom Vanity/Kitchen Island?

Homeowners are always looking for fun house DIY projects to make their homes unique and different.  Looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom or kitchen, that will keep your neighbors, family and friends in talking throughout the holiday season, and into next year? 

Learn from the experts at HGTV, and implement their handy 6-step process to creating an interesting and custom bathroom vanity out of your favorite old bedroom dresser, and an inexpensive sink.  Save money, and get that specific and specialized look of your choice that matches your style.  And if you’re feeling really handy, use the same techniques and tips to create yourself a beautiful kitchen island as well.  You’re friends will admire your savvy style and ability to be creative with your home improvement projects.  You and your house will be the talk of the town whether you’re located here in Chapel Hill, NC, Durham, NC or whatever part of the country you may be.  Trust us.

Bathroom Vanity made from Bedroom Dresser


Kitchen Island made from Bedroom Dresser