What’s a Mixed-Use Development?

So, what is a mixed-use development, and where can I find them in the Triangle?

You’ve probably heard the term mixed-use development circulating in the news or in neighborhood newsletters. A mixed-use development blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses. This blend is physically connected and “functionally integrated”, which is to say everything is interconnected, including walkways or pedestrian crossings. Kind of neat, right?

A great way to describe a mixed-use development is by taking a look at mountain resorts. If you’re going away skiing, most of the time the ski resort is located in a “village” that includes hotels, restaurants, shopping, and other amenities. Pretty useful, and efficient.

Moving forward, we’ll abbreviate mixed-use development with MUD.

MUDsWhat are the Benefits of a Mixed-Use Development?

There happens to be quite a number of benefits to MUDs. For starters, these areas are typically very pedestrian friendly. The presence of traffic still exists, but’s not quite as heavy.

By integrating retail, office, and residential space all in one, MUDs make good use of land they occupy. Why is this? The buildings and developments are used for more hours of the day and by more people, which is to say they are essentially multipurpose buildings. What a good way to be environmentally conscious. What’s more, is that MUDs make it possible for people to commute to work in different manners. Not everyone will need to have a car, and talk about a shorter commute!

Looking for less maintenance than a typical single-family home? A mixed-use development might be for you. They’re family friendly, they promote a social lifestyle, and MUDs also take away the need for the heavy duty maintenance single-family homes require.

One of the big reasons MUDs are beneficial in urban areas is that they provide access to commercial businesses for those who might not have access to them otherwise. Low income families can benefit greatly from MUDs, thanks to the pedestrian-friendly lifestyle and proximity to commercial businesses.

Check out this Mixed-Use Development Activity Report

So, you want to know what a MUD might look like in the project phase? Check out this activity report for Charterwood in Chapel Hill. Want to see another? North Estes Mixed-Use Development in Chapel Hill blends office space, retail space, and even housing space.

Although MUD isn’t a one-size-fits-all term, taking a look at these projects and applications will help you get a sense for the variety MUDs come in. One thing to be sure of, however, is that MUDs will have different parameters, requirements, and zoning laws in different states.

Where are the MUDs in the Triangle?

With all of the urban and suburban growth in the greater Triangle area, we’re starting to see MUDs pop up all over. From Cary to Chapel Hill, builders have been integrating social, commercial, and residential uses into their plans.

Cary is a great example of an urban and suburban area with crazy growth. Remember the Wegmans grocery store coming to Cary? Well, Wegmans is part of a mixed-use development that Columbia Development Group proposed. Their proposal included an amphitheater, green space, office and retail space, and even housing too. Don’t forget about Brier Chapel Commercial Development, either.

MUDs aren’t only in Cary or Chapel Hill though. They’re making their way to Holding Village in Wake Forest, Chatham Park in Chatham County, as well as North Hills mall in Raleigh.

Take a look at any of these neighborhoods for a sneak peak into an MUD in the Triangle area. Don’t forget to check out the featured listings while you’re there!

Woodcroft in Durham
Southern Village in Chapel Hill
Meadowmont in Chapel Hill
East 54 in Chapel Hill
Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill
Brier Creek in Morrisville
Chatham Park in Pittsboro

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Learn How to Be a Great Landlord

So, you want to become a landlord?

Welcome to Club Landlord! Turning your home into an investment property surely has some benefits. To reap the benefits of owning a rental property, it’s important to be a great landlord. Follow these five steps, and you’ll be thriving as a landlord in no time.

Have Excellent Marketing

Vacancies are a headache. They’re a landlord’s most common stressor, but vacancies are completely unnecessary. With excellent marketing, you’ll find vacancies in your investment property less and less. What does excellent marketing mean, in terms of rental properties?

Excellent marketing means knowing what the maximum price for a rental property might be. It also means attractively presenting the property by showing its best advantages and strengths. Getting the listing out in front of as many people as possible is another important point of marketing a rental property. You will also want to be sure to answer inquiries on showing the home promptly; prospective tenants love a responsive landlord.

Get the Right Tenants

Speaking of tenants, you’ll only want to rent your property out to the right tenants. Beginning with excellent marketing, there’s a process to getting the right tenants. This process includes thoroughly vetting applicants, including credit checks, criminal background checks, income verification, and reference checks.

By doing these things, you’ll ensure your investment property is housing the right tenants.

Preserve the Assets

be a great landlord

Having the right tenants means you won’t have to worry about the condition of your property (as much). Even so, you’ll want to protect the value of your asset. Choosing the right tenant means choosing someone who will take good care of your property. Preserving the investment property continues with regular inspections, and prompt maintenance when needed by skilled, trustworthy contractors at a good price.

On-point Accounting

Automatic drafting, online payments and receipts are a baseline of convenience for both you and your tenant. Proper trust accounting on security deposits keeps you on the right side of the law. Rent reminders and immediate follow-up on any late payments ensure that you always get paid.

Lastly, thorough bookkeeping allows you to capitalize on the matchless deductibles allowed on rental property, turning tax time from burdensome to profitable.

Routinely Doing Steps 1-4

There’s only one way to do all of these things easily, and that’s to hire an excellent property management company, that you trust explicitly, to do them for you. Seal the deal on an effective and less stressful rental is to find a property management company.

The good news is that a property management company would have your back. At Real Estate Experts, we offer property management services that would fit your every maintenance, property service, and management your rental needs.

Real Estate Experts

Our property management team is ready to hear from you if you’re looking to turn your home into a rental or investment property.

At Real Estate Experts, you pay zero lease-up fee, which means we don’t get paid until you do. Once your property is leased, we charge at the bottom end of the spectrum, just 8% of the rent. And that’s our only fee, ever. Not only do we provide some of the cheapest rates, but I also feel confident telling you that we provide the best service you can get.

In order to charge the least and give the most, we can only work with excellent clients. Learn what’s required to be a Real Estate Experts client.

Looking for a Place to Play? Try One of Durham’s Best Parks for Kids!

Durham is filled with fun events, great food, outdoor recreation spaces, and 60 parks. That’s a lot of outdoor fun for the kids. Summer is well underway and there are surely some times when you want to get the kids out of the house to play. What better place to bring them to than a great playground? The free space is a great way to get the kids moving, playing, burning off some energy, and getting some vitamin D. We couldn’t help but create a round-up of the best parks for kids in Durham.

Rolling View at Falls Lake State Recreation Area

great playgrounds

Head to Rolling View at Falls Lake for a slew of activities. Equipped with a long, wide beach, Rolling View is perfect for a hot afternoon where you and the kids are ready to take a dip. There are a lot of water-related activities for the whole family. Rolling View offers water skiing, windsurfing, swimming, boat launches, and sailing adventures.

The playground is located right near the beach, so when the sun starts beating down a little too hard, you can cool off. Easy access parking makes Rolling View a convenient place to play, especially with bathrooms located right at the playground area.

You can find Rolling View here: 4201 Baptist Road, Durham, NC 27703

Piney Wood Park

best kid's playgrounds

Piney Wood has a great playground, loaded with awesome outdoor play equipment. There’s no shortage of play structures, with three different structures. Also equipped with swings, Piney Wood isn’t just for the younger kids. There’s a very tall spiral slide, climbing nets, and even smaller slides for the younger crowd. The woods are close by, offering a good natural space to play in dry creek beds or get some shade from the summer sun. Let’s talk about the unique factor of Piney Wood park: the log Teepee.

What’s more is the dog park located right beside the playground. This makes heading to the park a solid use of time, getting both the kids and the dogs out to burn off some energy. Kids will definitely be entertained by the canine antics, and the dog park is fenced off so there’s no need to worry about safety. Not to mention the nearby picnic area, which is covered and provides lots of shade.

Though Piney Wood has great outdoor play equipment, we’d change the fact it’s a little tough to find. Because it’s hidden in the trees, you might have to search just a little bit. But that gives a little more adventure to the outing!

You can find Piney Wood here: 400 E Woodcroft Pkwy, Durham, NC 27713

Burch Avenue Park

outdoor play equipment

Burch Avenue Park is a newly renovated park, near Duke. One of the things that really stands out about this park is that it was renovated by Kaboom, which is an organization who builds parks in neighborhoods where kids live. Among the outdoor play equipment is: a school bus for climbing and driving, a bouncy horse for riding, with large play structures and even musical instrument walls. Talk about a way to foster creativity!

There’s even a stage in the park!

The park is completely fenced in, so it’s a great choice for a lively kid who is hard to keep track of. Whether the kids are toddlers or range a little older, there’s something at this park suited for them.

You can find Burch Avenue Park here: 816 Burch Avenue, Durham, NC 27712

West Point on the Eno

parks in durham

We’re big fans of anything Eno at Real Estate Experts. The Eno is a huge part of North Carolina (especially in Durham and Hillsborough) history, charged with helping to build not only the culture of the area, but a deep respect for wildlife too. This park has a lot of history, and it presents an opportunity to get the kids acquainted with it.

Hiking, biking, and animal watching are all parts of the Eno experience. However, West Point has a Natural Play Space that’s sure to grab the attention of the kids. Even though there’s no outdoor play equipment, West Point has lots of natural attractions.

There’s space to play in the water, all kinds of bugs for the boys, and no shortage of creative inspiration. When the kids are done playing in the Natural Play Space, you can be sure there are other attractions to keep them entertained. You can head to the mill, overlook the dam, or pause at the covered picnic shelter.

You can find West Point on the Eno at: 5101 Roxboro Rd, Durham, NC 27704

Bethesda Park

outdoor play equipment

Let’s put it this way: Bethesda Park has it all. From disc golf to basketball courts, and covered tennis courts to the high ropes course, there’s not much Bethesda Park is missing. Over a sprawling 20 acres, there isn’t a shortage of activities to entertain everyone.

The Discovery High Ropes Course is a cool opportunity to get the older kids involved, and outside. While the park does have outdoor play equipment and a great playground, the ropes course is very enticing. The structures go up about 55 feet in the air, and there is, of course, a zipline. Not to mention the giant swing. Are you convinced about Bethesda Park yet?

great playgrounds

In the playground itself, there are swings, picnic benches, and lots of natural structures that encourage creativity. Swings are located on the outskirts of the playground, boosting the safety of the playground itself. Similar to Piney Wood park, there’s a wall of instruments to get the kids’ creative sides flowing.

You can find Bethesda Park at: 1814 Stage Road DurhamNC 27703

Real Estate Experts

Durham has no shortage beautiful greenways, pretty parks, and great playgrounds for kids. These playgrounds are near some of Chapel Hill’s best neighborhoods. Think you’d love to live nearby? We’ve got you covered, and would be happy to help you find your next home in Chapel Hill!

You can learn more about what Durham has to offer with our Durham Real Estate Guide. If you are interested in learning about the neighborhoods surrounding or real estate in Durham and other properties in the greater Triangle area, visit us online.  Call us today at 919-813-6449 or e-mail us at
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Millennials Don’t Want to Buy Houses: Fact or Fiction?

millennials buying housesBuying a home is one of the biggest investments anyone makes. There are financial hurdles involved that make potential buyers jump through all kinds of hoops. There are myths and all kinds of preconceived notions about what buying a house actually entails.

It’s important to touch on the fact that there certainly are obstacles which make buying a house difficult for the Millennial generation. Finding affordable housing throughout the country can be difficult, especially with a low inventory in a feasible budget of that coveted $200,000-$300,000 bracket. Finding jobs that provide sufficient income for monthly payments can be difficult, too. These are realities facing Millennials.

“The single biggest impediment right now is affordable housing, finding homes that are affordable to Millennials,” says chief economist Svenja Gudell of Zillow.

Here’s the catch: many Millennials aren’t aware of the options that exist for them, especially in terms of financing options.

Millennials Want to Buy a House


Though there has been a general assumption that Millennials don’t want to buy houses, we’re starting to see that this isn’t the case. They just need help sorting through the murky waters of home hunting, mortgage must-dos, and financial assistance. Buying a home increases your control over your living space, gives you access to nicer homes, and helps establish a sense of privacy. Not to mention, it’s an investment that can help you create lasting wealth as you get older.

how can millennials buy a house

Courtesy of Home Choice Warranty

“There’s a strong indication millennials want to become homeowners, which is quite different from what we’ve heard,” states the Mortgage Manager of NerdWallet, Chris Ling.

How Can Millennials Buy a House?

Oh, a $250,000 question. How can Millennials buy a house? Taking advantage of different financing options is one avenue this generation can pursue, especially now that we’re aware it’s not that this generation doesn’t want to be homeowners.

Buying a house may be more of a possibility than you know.  Familiarizing yourself with down payment options can broaden your home-owning horizons. Let’s take a look.

While putting 20% down on a house is nerve-wracking (do you really need to put down 20%?) there are lower down payment options. Saving for a down payment is one of the biggest obstacles of buying a home, especially for the Millennial generation. However, there are lender options that range from 3%-6%. Kind of mind blowing, isn’t it.

Real Estate Experts has your guide to down payment assistance programs. Grants, tax credits, and second mortgage loans are all options you may qualify for.

There are also other options today, even 100% financing depending on the situation.

Resources for Millennials Buying Houses

So, you’ve caught on to the idea that you’re not too young to buy a house. We’ve covered that there are ways to get around the “down payment doom”, which is to say that you’re aware there are financial assistance programs and different financing options. Needless to say, it’s time to provide some resources for Millennials buying houses.

Zillow took the needs of Millennial buyers to heart, creating RealEstate.com. This website aims to “help Millennials find homes they can afford.” We’re a fan of this noble cause at Real Estate Experts, but we also know that a trusted and local real estate professional can help you find the perfect home for you in a way that house hunting online can’t, even with great tips. With that being said, you still should check out RealEstate.com for their “all-in monthly price” for the listings. This neat tool helps you see the final calculated monthly cost of property taxes, HOA fees, homeowner’s insurance, and more.

Real Estate Experts

We work with a number of excellent lenders and would be happy to introduce you to any one of them.  We have built a team loaded with the experience you need to help through the home buying process. We are all very technology oriented too!

Interested in kick starting the house hunting process? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We can’t wait to help you find the perfect home in the Triangle area, or assist you in selling your property. We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  info@realestateexperts.net. Visit us online at realestateexperts.net.

Moving? Consider Renting Out Your Home

When you’re relocating, many people assume this means they need to sell their home. Of course, you want the money your home is worth so you can pour it into your new home. But is this truly your only option? In some cases, there’s another option. Consider renting out your home!

Maybe you’ve had your house on the market for a while, but you haven’t gotten any bites. Maybe you need to move quickly, and you haven’t had time to market your house properly. Whatever your reasons or your situation, there are benefits to renting your home out.

Why you should consider renting your home out

We know real estate is a good way to make income, make investments, and boost your wealth. All three things sound pretty great, right?

Some people use the equity they’ve built in one house and use it against their next. Buying a house is an incredibly large expense, so it makes sense you might want to use what you’ve built in one house to pay for the next. The option of investment stands, though. You can turn your home into an investment property, reaping the benefits of the added income renting the home brings along.

Turning your home into an investment property surely has some benefits.

The benefits of renting your home out

For starters, you may be able to get better interest rates for your mortgage. You can try talking with several mortgage lenders to find one who will work with you in your individual situation and help you make a financially responsible decide with your property.

You also have the knowledge of potential renters because you’ve lived in the area for a while. At least, for some period of time. You know to market your property, you know it’s strengths and weaknesses, and you can help your favorite real estate professional get to know the property better, too.

Because you’re living in the home before you move (for most situations), you have a chance to fix the property while you’re still living there. Repairs, updates, and new appliances are some issues you can tackle. However, if

renting your home out

you wait until the property is rented out, it’s entirely possible more expensive repairs can be written off with the help of whoever your financial consultant may be.

So, you’re thinking of renting out your home?

Welcome to Club Landlord. There’s work involved here which doesn’t involve extra income. Instead it involves some challenges like finding tenants, finding good contractors, late payments, and more. Maintenance can be difficult, especially when you’re not around to witness the scenes or situations requiring maintenance. Not to mention, there is a financial cost associated with owning a rental property.

There are times when your property will be vacant. There are times when your property will be damaged, or otherwise. One way to seal the deal on an effective and less stressful rental is to find a property management company.

The good news is that a property management company would have your back. At Real Estate Experts, we offer property management services that would fit your every maintenance, property service, and management your rental needs.

Real Estate Experts

Our property management team is ready to hear from you if you’re looking to turn your home into a rental or investment property.

At Real Estate Experts, you pay zero lease-up fee, which means we don’t get paid until you do. Once your property is leased, we charge at the bottom end of the spectrum, just 8% of the rent. And that’s our only fee, ever. Not only do we provide some of the cheapest rates, but I also feel confident telling you that we provide the best service you can get.

In order to charge the least and give the most, we can only work with excellent clients. Learn what’s required to be a Real Estate Experts client.


Hey First Time Buyer, Don’t Be Surprised By These Unexpected Expenses!

You found the perfect property. You have your down-payment, your loan, and your closing date. But do you have any idea of the financial check points you missed along the way? It’s easy to miss some of these expenses, especially when you’re excited about the prospect of moving into your new home. While these aren’t necessarily “hidden costs”, these expenses come as a surprise to many first time buyers.

Home Inspections Are Unexpected Expensesfirst time buyer

Of all the corners to cut, many new home owners think this is one of them. That, first time buyer, is a serious offense! Essentially, a home inspection is a user-guide to owning that particular home. You get an idea of what’s wrong with the house, and you learn how to maintain it as it needs to be maintained. Not every house is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, which is just another reason why you need the home inspection.

Even though the home inspection can cost anywhere from $400 to well over $1,000, it’s very important to remember: it’s in your best interest.

Closing Costs Often Surprise First Time Buyers

You might want to grab a notepad because closing costs add up.

Closing costs consist of everything. Be sure to consider attorney fees, lender fees, escrow fees, and every other combination of a real estate term and “Fee”. Interest and appraisal costs should also be considered in terms of closing costs.

This cost can be surprising, even if you think you have an idea of what it might cover. You can set yourself up for success by saving an additional 2-5% of the purchase price to cover for closing costs.

Homeowner’s Insurance is a New Thing for Renters

If you’re used to renting a home or an apartment, this fee can be unexpected. Even though the Triangle doesn’t face as many environmental hazards as other states, it can be surprising to run across the numbers on your insurance bill. According to Insurance.com’s average annual rate for home insurance, North Carolina pays $773.

Property Taxes Too

Just like homeowner’s insurance, if you’ve come from rental land property taxes can throw you for a loop. Depending on where you’re located in the Triangle area, your property taxes could range from

Maintenance and Repairsunexpected expenses

Imagine you’ve finally finished moving all of your things into your new home, and you find there’s mold. Or you find that there another necessary repair you somehow missed before closing. You’ve tied up your money in this new house, so you have nothing left over to pay for additional repairs and future maintenance.

Account for the leaky faucet, the broken disposal, and the cracked paint job. And account for them a second time by saving money to allot to ongoing repairs. According to one financial planner, it can be a very solid investment to save another 4% of the purchase price.  This amount should be saved yearly for both ongoing and future repairs or maintenance.

Moving Expenses

What, you’ve finished packing up all your things, cleaning your new home, but… you don’t have a way to get your things there? Many people forget there’s a price tag on a moving truck. That price tag goes up if you’re moving far, too. Plan ahead so the process of moving into your new home doesn’t take a caravan.

Well, it might either way.

Real Estate Experts

If you’re ready to take the plunge into home ownership, we’re ready to help. Yes, it’s one of the most expensive decisions you’ll ever make. However, we’re advocates for the first time buyer and have years of experience helping new owners get into the home of their dreams.


To see Real Estate Experts’ newest listings in the Triangle area, click here. Feel free to give us a call anytime at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  info@realestateexperts.net.

Rent to Own Homes: the Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Most people aren’t familiar with the option to rent-to-own homes, instead more are familiar with rent-to-own appliances. Like leasing a car to own, you can rent a house to own. Let’s break down rent-to-own agreements, and how they benefit both the seller and buyer.

Rent to Own Homes: the Basics

Rent-to-own homes are similar to car leases that end in ownership. The seller of the house gives the renter or tenant the option to buy the property sometime in the future. The time of sale is typically one to three years in the future with the price agreed upon at the beginning of the contract.

Essentially, the lease agreement on the rent to own home is the same as a standard lease but there’s a very important addition. This addition is termed “option money” which is the money tenants/buyers can use against the house in the future. Option money might be anywhere from 15-20% of the rent fee for the house. So, if you’re renting a house that’s priced at $1200 per month, you’d be paying $1440 per month, with the additional $240 going toward the purchase of the house at a later date.

Your rent money works for you, here, because it acts as a credit which will reduce the final purchase price of the house.

Sample Terms of a Rent to Own Contract Otherwise Called a Lease Purchase Agreement

Rent-to-own contracts aren’t one size fits all, but there are a handful of purchase terms you can expect to be present.

  • Option money: this is a one time fee that allows a buyer to purchase the house in the future. Some contracts present this as an option for tenants to purchase later on, but not an obligation to do so.
  • Purchase price: the price of the home will surely be in the contract of the rent-to-own agreement. The seller will determine the price.
  • Rent: payment for the monthly fee of renting the house will be determined in the contract, too. Rent in a rent-to-own situation is typically higher than what the rent would normally be, but that’s because the buyer is putting money away to purchase the house later on.
  • Maintenance: it depends on whether the seller or buyer will pay for maintenance costs. This will surely be determined in the contract. The potential buyer may be responsible for maintenance, repairs, and association fees or insurance. It’s also possible the seller will retain responsibility for these things, though the buyer will need renter’s insurance.
  • Purchasing the property: at the end of the lease or agreement, the buyer can purchase the house or opt not to purchase it. However, should the buyer decide not to purchase the property, they do have to give up the money paid until that point in time. Should they decide to purchase the property, the end of the lease is the time to do so. They can then apply for financing and finally purchase the home!

Advantages for the Landlord

Of course, there are advantages for the landlord in rent-to-own situations. For one thing, sellers and landlords of rent-to-own homes have the benefit of long-term renters. Anyone entering into a rent-to-own agreement will be around for a while; after all, they’re putting money down on the house. They’ll want to stick around, at least for the terms of their agreement. Remember, that’s around one to three years, so the landlord is guaranteed a revenue stream at the very minimum.

On the subject of a revenue stream, landlords also get the added benefit of no gap-time between renters. Since the tenants are hoping to purchase the house at the end of their lease (or they have the option to), landlords don’t have to worry their property will be left vacant for long periods of time. What’s more? They know the tenants are motivated renters, which is to say their behavior as tenants will be top notch.

If you’re thinking of renting out your home, Real Estate Experts would be happy to discuss how we manage properties and our fees.  We pride ourselves on being different and providing services that go above and beyond.

Advantages for the Renter or Buyer

Being a tenant in a rent-to-own home isn’t without benefits, either. Rent becomes an investment, for one thing. Your money begins to work for you because you are actively saving towards the purchase price of the home.

Poor credit history may not be an issue, either. Even if you have bad credit, a rent-to-own agreement gives you the flexibility to build up your credit, and repair bad credit. As there isn’t a finance company or bank involved, credit becomes less of an issue. You also build equity towards home ownership, which is valuable of course.

There is a one very important thing a buyer needs to know.  There are no real estate forms for a rent to own homes, or a lease purchase, situation.  Because the agreement can be tailored to whatever the buyer and landlord negotiate, this contract has to be drafted by a Real Estate Attorney.  This is done at the buyers expense unless you can negotiate something with the landlord.

Real Estate Experts

Determining if rent-to-own is the right choice for you can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Working alongside a great real estate professional can help you decide if the property is a good investment. With a professional’s help, the rent-to-own agreement will be thorough and all details will be ironed out carefully.

At Real Estate Experts, we are fierce representatives for our clients and known as expert buyer agents.  Contact us and see how we can help you find just the home you are looking for. To see Real Estate Experts’ newest listings, click here, and feel free to give us a call anytime at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  info@realestateexperts.net.

Selling Your Home? Help Your Home Show Better With These Quick Fixes

Help your home show better with quick fixes while you wait for the next showing…

Even though you want to sell your home so you can move into your new home, it can be hard to show your home while you’re still living there. Hearing others’ opinions of your home is stressful, especially because you have memories, emotions, and feelings tied to the house. There’s no telling how many times your house will be shown, either. Some properties go through one showing, and others have many. While you’re waiting for your home to sell or the next showing, there are some quick fixes you can make to help your home show better.

Depersonalize Your Home to Help it Show Better

It’s hard to encourage someone to take away their personal items, even if they’re listing their home for sale. But it truly is important to detach yourself from your home, and from thinking about it as your home. Family photos, monograms, and even certain decorations do need to go. With your personal things on display, it’s hard for potential buyers to see themselves in the house.

Your realtor or real estate professional of choice may be hesitant to remind you of this, but depersonalizing your home truly is critical.

Update Your Lighting to Help Your Home Show in a Better Light

Burnt out bulbs, dirty windows, and dim lighting can detract from your home. Not everyone likes soft white lights in the bedroom, or funky colored bulbs attached in a bonus room. Adding brighter bulbs (or even energy efficient ones) will improve the way your home shows, that’s for sure.

While you’re at it, why not clean the windows? You’d be amazed at what builds up on them. You can also check for broken window seals, too. Having checked your lighting, you’ll know where potential buyers might make a note of issues in the house.

Natural lighting will also show your home in a way that helps bring out your home’s strengths.

Organize, Organize, Organize

You never know what a buyer is going to want to see in your home during a showing. They may open closets, cabinets, or drawers to check out the storage space. You don’t want them to find dirt, belongings, or otherwise that might take away from their opinion of the house.

You’re moving anyway, so why not take this time to pare down your belongings? Getting rid of junk, memorabilia, and generic stuff will not only make your move easier; paring down will help buyers get a genuine feel for the home and be able to see themselves in it easier.

Boost Your Curb Appeal to Make a Great First Impression When There’s a Showing

First impressions are important. It’s hard to stress that enough! But what is the first impression of your home saying to potential buyers?

Quick fixes can help your home show better, however if you need to focus and funnel money into a certain area, outside is the way to go. When a potential buyer sees the home for the first time, they may fall in love with it before they even head inside. Taking a chance on presenting your home without great curb appeal can sabotage the potential of a sale.

Real Estate Experts





One of the best ways to show your home in the best light is to have it properly staged by your favorite real estate professional. At Real Estate Experts, we have great experience staging homes and if it’s necessary, we’ll bring in an outsider to help us spruce up a home for an excellent showing. We’d love to help you show your home home in the best light. What’s more? We have a great list of inexpensive home staging tips.

Visit RealEstateExperts.net to learn how we integrate home staging and now, virtual staging, into our listings. If you’re interested in staging your home, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call at 919-813-6449 or send us an email to  info@realestateexperts.net to find out more about living in the Triangle, and visit our website to view current homes for sale in the area.


Learn How to Drive Your Realtor Crazy

So, you’d like to drive your realtor crazy?

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to accomplish this, without even trying. While you may not realize that certain habits are frustrating to your favorite real estate professional, they can be detrimental to the potential of you selling your home.

  1. Don’t Take Things Personally

It’s your home. Of course you have strong feelings and emotions tied to your property! After all, some of the biggest events in your life can happen there. It may be a place you’ve lived all your life. It may be the place your baby took her first steps. Of course you feel strongly about your home. However, it’s important not to take the advice or suggestions and opinions about your home personally.  As a seller, you need to have a tough exterior and not let things get to you.  Remember, once you have decided to sell your home, it’s not your home anymore.  It is important to do what you need to do to get the job done.

How it’s decorated, the colors of your home, the layout… when your house is on the market, it’s no longer your “home” but a representation of a property you’re trying to sell.

  1. Don’t Fight Having a Pre-Sale Inspection and Making the Necessary Repairs

This may seem like a no brainer, but not everyone is aware of the importance of disclosing things that are broken or not working in your home. The real estate professional you’re working with is your ally, and you want them to be able to advocate in your best interest. Addressing needed repairs — like rotten siding, moisture in a crawl space or roof repairs, up front can save you time negotiating the contract on your home and with the pain and sometimes suffering of the inspection and repair process.  The better shape your home is in, the more likely buyers are going to love it.

Another thing to consider while we’re on the subject of flaws: don’t refuse to make repairs. You can also consider adjusting the home price in order to satisfy the buyers.

No home is perfect.  It is your agents job to create the wow factor when a buyer enters your home.  Your agent should know hot to spotlight the strengths of your home! Find out how home staging works in your favor with our checklist.

  1. Don’t Turn Down Showings

There’s no reason you should turn down a showing of your home. Sure, there are some extenuating circumstances like sick individuals, or very young children. If the house needs tidying up, do it. If the house needs cleaning, do it. Turning down a showing means potentially turning down a sale.  If you need to reschedule the showing, let your agent know so she or he can reach out to the other agent and make sure the showing happens.

  1. Don’t Stay Home During Showings

On the same topic of showing your home, there’s no reason you should be home during the showing. Having the owner of a home around while potential buyers are prospecting around the property can make the potential buyers uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you feel funny about having opinions on the home (negative or positive) in front of those who own it?

Additionally, it’s important to keep your pets in mind during home showings. If you have a dog, kindly remove it from the premises along with yourself. If you need to keep your cats shut in a room with all of their amenities in front of them, that’s something to put on your to-do list before a showing. No potential buyer wants to see, smell, or hear your pets. Regardless of how wonderful they are.

  1. Expecting Top Dollar Is Ok But Be Realistic

Tempting as it is to insist on a listing price, it’s imperative to get rid of that idea. Your real estate professional is your best ally here, again, because they know the market, your neighborhood, and they’re equipped with an analysis of  the area. We know you love your home, but allowing your real estate professional to list your home what they deem it worth will only benefit you in the long run.

  1. Be Flexible

Your real estate professional of choice wants to help you sell your house; let them! There’s no room for stubbornness here as that may turn sales away. The point is to sell your home!

Getting hung up on things like, requested repairs, whether a showing agent turned the lights off or making changes in response to the same repeated feedback, won’t help you achieve the goal of getting your home sold.  By allowing your Realtor to do their job will benefit you.

  1. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Again, your realtor wants to help you sell your home. That’s both of your goals! If buyers have strange demands, your realtor isn’t at fault. If buyers have unreasonable terms, your realtor isn’t at fault. See the trend? Work with your Realtor, not against them. Trust their guidance, trust their professionalism, and remember: you both want to sell your house.

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Are you thinking of renting out your property?

Then you’ll need a great property management company…

It’s important to understand what is involved in renting your home, especially if you haven’t done it before. Don’t let that deter you, or intimidate you!  A great property management company is an important part of the equation, and Real Estate Experts has the knowledge and expertise to help you handle all of the details.

But how do you choose a property management company? We’ve got the answers to that, too.

Where to Start When Choosing a Property Management Company

It’s a good idea to start with a list of local property management companies in your area. With that list in hand, you can start your research process online. Check out their reviews, and focus on companies that have lots of five star reviews. When people write rave reviews about the service they’ve received, you can hedge your bets on the company being on point. A few one star reviews shouldn’t freak you out, because some people have negative things to say about everything. As long as the overwhelming majority of reviews are really positive, put them on your “to call” list.

Creating Your “To Call” List of Property Managers

Next up on your to-do list of picking a great property management company is to give two or three of the best reviewed companies a phone call. If you don’t hear back promptly, move on. If they can’t be bothered to serve you well before another company, why should you expect them to once they’ve locked you in? This is a great move to protect your interests.

Once you being talking with a representative, there are three questions you should absolutely ask. There are some property management companies that cut corners in these areas, which makes these questions important to discuss.

  1. Do you respond to tenant inquiries the same day?
  2. Do you regularly physically inspect the property? (A quarterly interior inspection is a minimum. We do this and a monthly exterior check.)
  3. What do you do when a tenant is late on rent? (If you don’t hear the words “immediate phone call” and “notice to vacate,” don’t hire them. If you want someone to be soft and sloppy with your money…ask a friend to manage your property for free. You’re paying a professional to be professional.)

If the prospective company answers these questions affirmatively and confidently, you’ve got a great property management company on your hands. Finally, there’s one more question to ask.

Discussing Fees With a Prospective Property Management Company

The fee you’ll be paying to the property management company is important to discuss. Not only because it’s important to know information up front and figure that into your budget, but it’s also important to know what the prospective company expects. Eight to ten percent of rent collected is a pretty standard fee for property managers. Most companies also charge a “lease-up” fee, frequently half or more of the first month’s rent, to cover all the upfront work of getting a tenant in place.

Real Estate Experts

At Real Estate Experts, you pay zero lease-up fee, which means we don’t get paid until you do. Once your property is leased, we charge at the bottom end of the spectrum, just 8% of the rent. And that’s our only fee, ever. Not only do we provide some of the cheapest rates, but I also feel confident telling you that we provide the best service you can get.

In order to charge the least and give the most, we can only work with excellent clients. Learn what’s required to be a Real Estate Experts client.